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Exclusivity for: Latin America

Techno is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Sept. He has always been far away from the mainstream beats. His DJ Sets are a musical trip and his sound has continuously evolved, always staying true to his Techno roots. In addition, Sept is showing a wide delicate mixture of darkness and light, creating a sonic musical journey that took him to play in the most respected clubs around Asia, Europe, North and South America... 


Sept has been also involved in organizing events since the beginning, leading him to establish a new event series brand called DUEL in 2018, which is held at the best Techno clubs and off locations in Poland and Germany hosting names like Daria Kolosova, MCMLXXXV, CEM, VTSS, Perc, SNTS, Stranger, Remco Beekwilder, Airod, SPFDJ, Thomas P. Heckmann and many others. 


His sounds have been published on greatly respected podcasts like Boiler Room, Reclaim Your City, Slam Radio, The Brvtalist, Synoid, HATE, HÖR to name a few. 

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