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Exclusivity for: South America

Well known for her DJ sets and productions oscillating between dystopian aesthetics and illuminating energy, REKA has cultivated a very personal approach to heady electronic music. Demonstrating selections from contemporary techno to the genre's prototypical past of electro and wave, her sets are a highly sensitive affair; manoeuvring seamlessly through dance music's multitude of permutations, blending together into a carefully narrated story that ebbs and flows with her artistic vision and prowess.

Currently based in Berlin, REKA has constantly toured worldwide from Berghain, KHIDI in Tbilisi, and De School in Amsterdam to Movement in Detroit and Vurt in Seoul amongst many other clubs and festivals. Previously, she also held a 5 year residency at Tresor. Most recently, she released her debut record Diving The Innermost on BITE on 2018, following with another EP in collaboration with Imperial Black Unit released on FLEISCH. Besides her duties as a producer and DJ, REKA took on the role as a curator, whether organising her own night W.A.V.E.S. or other events around Berlin and throughout Europe. REKA ́s rich experience and broad musical range have rendered her remarkably diverse.

Starting to collect records at the age of 10 in Spain, she became equally infatuated with science, and it was not until she finished her degree in Genetics that she decided to pursue her artistic path full-time. Merely one year into her DJ career, REKA was discovered by DJ Hell and joined International Deejay Gigolos as part of the female duo leChic, releasing the critically acclaimed CD-mix “leMix” in 2008. Three years later, REKA was selected to participate in Toronto edition of Red Bull Music Academy. She eventually felt the desire to start her solo path which is considerably darker and gravitating towards more experimental realms which she still pursues to this day.

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