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Rian Wood

Exclusivity for: South America

Rian Wood, Class 86 'Originally from Caserta, he is a Dj / Producer of the international Hard techno scene. He expresses his passion for music through sounds Hard Techno, Neo Rave, Old School.

His approach to music takes place as a child, with a passion for electronic music under the influence of artists such as Daft Punk, Prodigy and many others. Rian at the age of 14 began playing his first musical instruments. Thanks to his elder brother he discovers a new world, that of the DJ and at the tender age of 15 he learns to play his first records, at 17 he begins to perform in small local parties and clubs giving life to his musical career.

During his career he experimented with various sounds up to the present day where the sounds of school rave and contemporary hard industrial techno are now his trademark. His dj sets are characterized by a great energy, and in tune with the public dj set are characterized by influences from Hard Rave 90's, Old School, Gabber up to current sounds.

His music has already been released on labels such as: Etruria Beat, 999999999 (label), Expel your demon, Scuderia and many others, having full support from the world Hard Techno scene. she supported by many well-known artists of the scene such as Amelie Lens, NicoMoreno, 999999999, Rebekah, Shlomo, kobosil, Regal, Dyen, trym and many others.

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