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George Ortega as known as HXIST, is a young producer from Cúcuta, situated in


His first approach to Techno music was when his older brother showed him LoveParade festival on VHS when he was just 5 years old. After that he kept to watch and listen to artists as Hardy Hard, Dj Rush and many more. HXIST production can be defined as a combination of experiences, trying to break the conventional structure. Making varios combinations of sounds he takes from experimental music influences.

Artists like Hardy Hard, Jeff Amadeus, Harmonic 313, Aphex Twin, D.A.F and Dj Rush (even if some artist don’t belong to the Techno genre) are an inspiration and influence to his productions and the way he approaches Techno music. HXIST started his DJ career in 2017 in Colombia, starting to take his first steps as an artist in local clubs, showing his skills and value. In the last years he has managed to develop a very particular and decisive sound, which uniquely characterizes him, full of powerful fast kicks mixed with raw and industrial sounds, which make his tracks an explosion of power.

He has released tracks on labels such as The Finest Techno, SCTR, Flesh and hammers, Crusade, Tholos records, Embuscade records and many more. His tracks has been played by artists like Nico Moreno, Paula Temple, Amelie Lens, Felicie, 999999999, WNDRLST, RIKHTER, Varya Karpova, DYEN, Paolo Ferrara, Luca Agnelli and many others.
A young artist, ready to explode all over the world.

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