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Exclusivity for: Latin America

“No elitism, no prejudices, no genre, hypnotic, tense, comprehensible, a state of mind.”

Identifying as a ‘punk technician,’ Parrish Smith is known for captivating audiences with
music that is both intense and hypnotic as he embarks on a successful journey of creating
spaces where walls are torn down and prejudices are non-existent.

During this unique venture into the broad spectrum of electronica, Smith is able to display
his take on various layers of electronic music with extreme perceptive subtlety.

Emotion and intensity are the true predominant factors in Parrish Smith’s music. These two
catalysts propel Parrish towards diverse styles of music, redefining the parameters of
contemporary techno.

Designing boundary-pushing music allows him to release truly inspirational projects. With
releases on labels such as Knekelhuis, Dekmantel, L.I.E.S and Trip Records, he succeeds
in his ultimate goal: unifying people by creating spaces where they can be immersed in
music, free from bias or prejudice.

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