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Julia Govor

Exclusivity for: Colombia 

Born in Russia, New York-based, Julia started assinger in a military band back at home and endedup Djing with Jeff Mills in New York. Shecollaborated with the most well known electronicdance music producers and contemporary DJs -artists.

Her productions lean towards to sophisticated sideof Techno, while keeping it dry, detail-loaded anddivers. She runs her own multidisciplinary musiclabel JUJUKA, where each release comes outwith a humorous comic about the electronicmusic scene. Among her latest projects, you canfind her last collaboration record with JeroenSearch on Pushmaster Discs.


Her sets are dense and vivid. Unpredictable.Enthusiastic. Energetic with fatal charm andcharisma Govor know how to move, make othersfeel and engage  in one. In one rhythm.

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