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Frigio Records is the brainchild of Colombian artist Juanpablo. The Madrid based artist draws his musical inspiration from his varied life, growing up in and around Bogotá, then moved to New York City where he bought his first pair of decks and started record collecting to finally improve his DJ skills in Montreal and Madrid to produce a refreshingly unique sound.

Juanpablo bends genre definitions, calling on a range of structures to deliver his brand of electronics on 12”s like the Dream EP and the Lost Series which were described by some media channels as “impossible to categorize, easy to love”.

Behind the turntables Juan has served up scorching sets that reinterpret the very idea of the dancefloor. acid over ambient, clinical electro blended into raw jack, techno painted over by industrial. A man with the ability to transform any venue with his phrygian style, mutating, melting and manipulating music whilst opening ears to new audio wonders.

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