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Exclusivity for: North & South America

Firmly grounded in the thriving heart of Berlin's electrifying music landscape, Blame The Mono is shaping the future of techno, electronica and breakbeat with their unique and vibrant sound. The Franco-British duo has developed a catchy and energetic trademark sound backed by a signature usage of vocals that aims to push the barriers of conventional techno. By intertwining an intricate blend of influences – the raw power of classic techno, the edgy rhythms of UK bass music and the trance-inducing echoes of Psytrance – they have created an explosive auditory experience geared for the dancefloor.

Blame The Mono's devoted studio work has made them collaborate with multiple renowned labels such as Molekül, Taapion and Voxnox. Chart-topping tracks like Switch The Pilot, Spread Unison and Crackland have solidified their position within the new generation of producers and led them to play in some of Europe’s sweatiest clubs with the likes of legendary Kompass Club, Berlin’s RSO or Grelle Forelle in Vienna.

In the face of a genre often teetering on the edge of predictability, Blame The Mono stands as a shining beacon of inventiveness and novelty.

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