Camila Villegas

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As :  Dj set

DJ and producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Camila has a unique style influenced by Techno, Darkwave, Synthwave, Rave, Trance, Electro, Acid and EBM. She’s mystic and experimental; she understands music in a way that the non-stop dancing becomes a must when listening to her, reflected both in her sets and in the music she creates.
She finds in music her most pure and unlimited expression, where she doesn’t like to be labelled nor categorized; her essence is her art. She’s mainly driven by a profound philosophy of Hedonismus, in which she finds herself sharing pleasure through music and dancing; that’s why in 2020 her AKA Tinkerhell was born.

Camila has already some powerful releases, among which there are: An Insect Is Talking in "The Resistance V/A" of Suburban Avenue, sharing it with strong artists such as Mattia Trani, Zadig, Under Black Helmet, Sept among others; her second release Boulevardier in "Shaded V/A" of Aesir Records, together with Personha, and others; Plus others releases and a EP forthcoming.

Camila is definitely worth paying attention to, since her career has already been showing that she’s got a lot to give to the thirsty dancers all around the world.

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